Developer Mode Enabler

About Developer Mode Enabler

Sideload the Developer Mode enabler iPA file into your iPhone or iPad, to enable the developer mode in your iOS or iPadOS settings! Once developer mode is enabled in your iPhone or iPad, the developer mode iPA can be removed, and developer mode will stay enabled. A Windows or Mac computer is required to Sideload the Developer Mode enabler iPA.


How To Sideload Developer Mode Enabler

Step 1 (instructions coming soon)

Step 2   Install iMazing onto your computer, and open the iMazing App.

Step 3 Once iMazing is opened, click on "Continue Trial" under the "Enter License Code" button.

Step 4 Find your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, and plug your device into your computer. iMazing may ask to backup your device, simply press "later".

Step 5 Click on your iPhone on the left hand side of the iMazing app, then click on "Quick Transfer"

Step 6 Drag & Drop the Fortnite iMazing Backup into the iMazing App.

Step 7 Click on App then Next in the bottom right. Click "Transfer" on any other Popups, Then Fortnite iOS should start installing, NO Jailbreak needed!

Step 8 When prompted, enter your Apple ID & password. You MUST have downloaded Fortnite in the past. If you have downloaded Fortnite in the past, Fortnite will install, if not, you will see an error code. The login is sent to Apple ONLY in order to download the app.

Step 9 Now WAIT for Fortnite to install on your iPhone. When the process is done your iPhone should be in the "Hello" screen. Follow any on screen instrucions by iMazing to finish the Fortnite install!

Step 10 When opening Fortnite, you will see a RED screen which looks bad. Just press on "Log Out". Now Fortnite is working!

Step 11  Sign into your Epic Games account. You cannot use your Epic Games email & password to sign into Fortnite, as the version of Fortnite downloaded, does not have the new login screen, meaning the app will freeze. Instead, you must signin to Fortnite via Google or alternative methods.